Improve the appearance of your car before selling

Hi Everyone, Paintlesss dent removal is the ideal and most cost effective way to remove small dents on your car. Small dents can reduce the value of your car and make it more difficult to sell. My mobile service means your car can have the dents removed without having to drive it to a workshop. Cheers Mark

Mobile dent removal

Hi Everyone, As I provide a mobile service it is very convenient for the customer as they do not have to drive their car to a workshop and wait for it to be fixed. I arrange a time that is convenient for them and the dent is removed usually in 1 or 2 hours. Cheers Mark

Small hail removal

Hi Everyone, Hope you had a relaxing break. There is still enquiries for small hail removal which can often be less than the exess on your insurance.Feel free to call for a no obligation quote. Cheers mark

Dents in rear mudguard

Hi Everyone, Dents in rear guards are very difficult as there is nearly always a second layer of metal that prevents access to the dent. It can be removed by drilling a small hole in the edge of the panel where the door opens and putting a black plug into the hole so it looks like an original plug.The dent can olso be removed by using the glue pulling technique if the dent is small and not sharp. Cheers Mark

Hail damage and paintless dent removal

Hi Everyone, Unfortunately the hail season is here.Paintless dent removal is the ideal way to remove small hail dents from cars. There is no filling, painting, sanding or colour matching as the original paintwork is not affected. The dents are skillfully removed using special tools and the paintwork is in original condition. Cheers Mark

Dents in bonnets

Hi Everyone, Dents in bonnets are usually easy to remove as access is easy once the insulation is removed, which involves removing about 10 clips. The areas close to the windscreen and at the front near the catch can sometimes be difficult to remove. Cheers Mark

Dents in car doors

Hi Everyone, Paintless dent removal is the easiest way to remove small dents caused by shopping trollys, car doors etc. In most cases the door trim is not removed. A purpose made shield is used to protect the glass and special tools are used to carefully remove the dent. There is no chance of damaging the trim or breaking any plastic clips. The dent can usually be removed in about 1 hour. Cheers Mark

Small dents on roof of cars

Hi Everyone, When there are only a few small hail dents on the roof of a car they can be removed with the glue pulling technique if the paintwork is original. The benefit of this process is there is no need to remove the hood lining thereby saving time and money. The roof is then returned to the original factory finish. Cheers Mark.

Hail dents can be removed completely and no painting

Hi Everyone, The hail season has arrived early. The Gold Coast was hit early this week. Paintless dent repair is the preferrred way to remove small hail dents from cars whether it is the whole car or only a small section. PDR removes dents without painting filling or sanding. The dents are gently massaged with special tools leaving the paintwork in original condition. There is no possibility of the paint cracking or fading as there might be with spray painting. With small areas the cost is usually less than the excess on the insurance and can usually be done on site in one day. Cheers Mark

Remove small dents before selling

Hi Everyone, Paintless dent removal is the ideal and cost effective way to remove small dents when selling your car. It removes those annoying dents and presents your vehicle in the best condition. If you are selling and would like a no obligation quote please call me. Cheers Mark

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