hail damage

Hi everyone, The hail season is here again. Paintless dent removal is the ideal way to remove hail damage without the usual panel beating and spray painting process. If there is less than about 30 small dents they can usually be removed for less than the excess amount of your insurance and it will not affect your no claim bonus. The dents can usually be removed in 1 or 2 days and can be done in your garage if suitable thereby saving you the hassle of dropping off and picking up your car. There is no sanding ,filling or painting so there is no mess at all. There are also a few dealers selling cars with slight damage this can usually be removed by PDR. If you would like some advice or a quote please call me on Ph 0411717016 or my son Dan on Ph 0402366614. Cheers Mark

Small Hail Removal

HI Everyone, The hail season is with again. Dentinator is ideally suited to remove hail from small numbers of hail dents. Usually from 1 to 60 dents can be removed at your home or workplace if there is shade in 1 day without the need to drop your car off at a workshop and pick it up later. The cost is usually less than your insurance excess and as usual the original paintwork is maintained. If you have any questions or enquiries please feel free to contact me. Cheers Mark

Mobile service

Hi Everyone, The new year is starting to fly by its nearly Feb already. Just a reminder I am a mobile service I need a garage or carport with a solid roof for shade to see the dents accurately and about 1 metre of space around the dent. The basement of high rise or a friend’s garage is suitable also. Most dents take less than 3 hours and you dont need to take your car to a workshop and pick it up later. As you know with PDR there is no mess.No painting or sanding etc. and the paintwork is back to original. Cheers Mark

Repairable write off hail damage

Hi Everyone, There is still enquiry by customers who have bought hail damaged cars. Some cars can be repaired and others will need a mix of PDR and panel beating and others will be too severe for PDR. If you would like no obligation advice, feel free to call me to discuss your hail damage. Cheers Mark

Dent removal around door handles

Hi Everyone, Removing dents around door handles can be difficult as there is usually reinforcing or plastic around them. However it is still possible to get access to the dents in a lot of cases or to use the glue pulling method which I used on a volvo last week. If you have a small dent near you door handle contact please feel free to contact me for advice. Cheers Mark

Dent removal on bumpers

Hi Everyone, Dent removal on plastic bumpers is not possible as far as I know by PDR. However I have technicians that I can recommend if you are down the southern end of the coast who can do mobile or you can drop off your car at the workshop. Cheers Mark

Small dents most suitable

Hi everyone, Small dents, less than the size of a 50cent coin and not with a deep sharp centre are the most suitable for PDR. Sometimes larger shallow dents can be removed successfully and I am happy to discuss any dents that you are not sure about. Cheers Mark

Buying hail damaged cars

After the recent hail storms there are hail damaged cars for sale both privately and at auction. Although there are bargains there are also cars that are going to cost more than they are worth to have the hail removed and repaired and to have them registered and road worthy. Please be careful and check out all expenses before purchase. If you have any questions please feel free to call me. Cheers Mark

Dents Tweed area

Hi Everyone, I cover the area from Tweed Heads to Kingscliff, Cabarita and Pottsville, so if you have any dents on your cars and live in these areas please give me a call for a no obligation discussion to see if Paintless Dent Removal is suitable for you. Cheers Mark

Hail dents

Hi Everyone, The hail season is with us now.If anyone is unfortunate enough to be damaged by hail please contact me as most hail dents can be removed by Paintless Dent Removal which does NOT require any painting sanding or panel beating and returns the panel to its original condition. Cheers Mark

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