Written off hail damaged cars and dent removal

Hi Everyone,
Written off cars are now becoming available through auctions and private sellers who have bought from the auctions.
I attended one of the auctions last week. A lot of the cars had heavy hail damage which would be difficult to remove completely. there were some cars that were suitable for paintless dent removal so it would be advisable to be careful if you intend to buy one of these cars. Usually dents no bigger than the size of a 20cent coin are suitable. It also depends where they are on the car. It is also important to check with the relavent govt dept to make sure if you can register the car and all the costs involved in buying the car and getting it taken off the written off vehicle register and then rgistering it to drive on the road.
I understand that you cannot register wov in NSW so make sure you do all the checks before you buy.
Cheers Mark

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