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Alloy roofs and bonnets

Hi Everyone, Removing dents from alloy roofs and bonnets is more difficult than from steel. The dents need to be smaller and can take longer but it is still possible to remove small dents from alloys and return the car to original condition without spray painting. Cheers Mark

Removing dents from doors

Hi Everyone, Removing dents from doors can usually be done without the need to romove any trim.This eliminates any risk of breaking clips or damaging the trim. A special protector is used to prevent any damage to the glass and tools are used to gently massage the dent out thereby returning the panel to its […]

Hail in Winter

Hi Everyone, There has been hail at Currumbin and Coomera last week! I cannot remember hail in the middle of winter before. Fortunately if your car has been damaged by small hail up to 20cent coin size it can be removed without panel beating sanding filling or spray painting. Paintless Dent Removal will return your […]

Removing dents

Hi Everyone, Using the paintless dent removal process for dents allows for most small dents to be removed completely. However some sharp dents or larger dents can be removed only to 95%. I take pride in my work and remove every dent as carefully as possible. I explain to the customer if I dont think […]

Replying to messsages

Hi Everyone, I try to reply to all my messages within 24hours. Sometimes the phone number¬† is not displayed because it comes from a switchboard of a company or a private number. If I have not returned your call please text me with a short message and your phone number and I will be able […]

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